1. For the New Yorker. You can read the story here


  2. krismukai:

    just a comic about how my friend jon eats peanut butter m&m’s

    This is real.


  3. For Nautilus

    How it came to be that we consider something home.

    AD Len Small


  4. The origins of stars.

    For Nautilus. How stars were created after the Big Bang

    Read the story here

    AD Len Small

    Jon Han


  5. Obstacles 

    For AiCIO


  6. For The Atlantic.


  7. Anonymous asked: Hello Jon my wife and I love your picture, Sunday Swim. Do you sell prints or do you know who does?! Many thanks Daniel

    Yes, prints are available. You can order them here.

    Sunday Swim Print



  8. Cover for the science section of the New York Times.

    Here is the link to the article


  9. Sunday Swim

    Jon Han


  10. A map of the shops of Beverly Hills for Los Angeles Magazine